Biography – For the Love of Cars

Been a car fanatic since I was old enough to walk. My first driving experience was in my grandfathers two tone Red – White 1957 Chevrolet Belair. Actually, I was way too young to drive, but apparently I managed to put the car in gear while grandpa was putting somethings in the trunk. I’ll never forget the view through the rear window as my grandpa and his employee were running after the car. Luckily, my first experience ended without anyone getting hurt, including the 57′.

As I grew older, the fantasy continued to grow. By the age of 10, I would get up extra early on Sunday mornings with the excuse of washing my dads 1965 Impala. After the wash, I always treated myself to a little drive around our neighborhood in sunny California.

During my teenage years,I got around in a 1973 Chevrolet Caprice fitted with the 454, which my dad bought brand new off the lot. My first official car was a 1970 Plymouth Cuda, followed by the 1970 Ford Torino GT with the 429 Super Cobra Jet option, which my wife and I bought together.

Through the years, I’ve owned unique cars, which today command a hefty price. The list has included cars like Mustang Mach 1’s, Chevelle SS, Ford GT, Camaro’s from various years, Corvette’s from various years, Firebirds and Trans Am’s from various years, and a few full sized luxury cars along with a few exotics.Through the years, my collection has fluctuated from as many 30 cars and as few as just a couple, but all in all, they had great memories attached to them.

After 40 years of buying, selling,fixing, restoring and building cars, I can say that I just about did it all. The art to having a collection of vintage cars, is knowing how to store them properly, in order to keep them in pristine condition.

My collection today is housed in a temperature controlled man cave, equipped with a car lift and all the tools and equipment to perform what ever service the cars may require. The 4000 sq. ft, building, is part working area, part showroom area and part recreational, which includes a media room / Granite walk in wet bar / gameroom with room for a pool table and assortment of other games, and it’s own Texas sized Travertine Marble walk in shower and bench.

You will see numerous machines previously or currently owned privately. Some of the machines to be highlighted on this site are included in the video below.




Stop back as there is much to come!

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