1993 Corvette ZR1

1993 Corvette ZR1 RPO ZR1

40th emblem

What’s better than owning a ZR1? That’s an easy question. The answer is owning two ZR1’s. One white and one black.

1993 is the 40th Anniversary for the Corvette and while all 1993 are considered anniversary cars, the official anniversary color was Ruby Red Metallic (Maroon) with a maroon leather interior. Although the Ruby Red was the official 40th anniversary color, more Ruby Red were produced for 1993 than any other color. There were only 54 Black ZR1’s produced in 1993 making the Black ZR1 a bit more rare than the Ruby, although all 1993 ZR1’s are considered rare since 448 units were produced that year. For 1993 all Corvettes got the 40th logo embroidered at the headrest of the seats.
In 1993 the ZR1 received a stronger 4 bolt main block, the power for the ZR1 was increased from 375 to 405 hp. The heads were hand ported as well a better cam timing was implemented. This is where I got lucky with my Black ZR1. Most ZR1’s dyno about 320 hp at the wheels, some will dyno as much as 350 at the wheels., but mine dynoed over 370 hp at the wheels in stock form. With a few easy bolt ons she was making an unheard of 411 hp at the wheels. The bolt on were a K&N air filter a cat back 3″ exhaust system and an aftermarket chip. At the track she put down 11 seconds with a trap speed of over 121 mph. Her top speed is unknown, but she could easily do 190 plus. What makes the power of the LT-5 so impressive , is the super high rev limit and the fact that the power does not drop off like in so many other performance engines. The real power comes in after 3000 rpms and stays with you till you hit the rev limit. For 1993 a passive keyless system (PKE) was standard. With the key phob on you, coming near the car would unlock either the driver door or both doors depending on the proffered programming. Another unique standard on all ZR1’s was the special Solar Ray laminated windshield, which lowered interior temperature, which in my Black interior would definitely come in handy. Introduced in 1992 was the traction control system, which remained till the end of the ZR1 production. A nuisance most of the time, as I never drive with traction control. All ZR1’s were fully loaded with the exception of the see through top, which was ordered with car. The Bose sound system put out 200 amazing watts, along with an automatic volume control. The faster you went the louder it got. Aslo standard was Low Tire Pressure Warning Indicator (UJ6) – Low tire/air pressure monitoring and warning system.
Sensors strapped to each side of the inside of each wheel sent a radio signal to a instrument-panel receiver if pressure in any tire dropped below a preset limit.
Car & Driver magazine’s “ten best” issue (dated January, 1994) determined that the 1993 ZR-1 Corvette was the winner of the top speed category.
This ZR1 had a window sticker of almost $68,000.00 in todays money, that is well above $100,000.00
I have to admit, that from all my Corvettes this is my favorite. Even though I own a 1991 ZR1, there’s something about this 1993 Black beauty. Of course 411 hp at the wheels with a rev limit of just over 7000 does tend to make me grin.

93 Z side

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