1988 Corvette 35th Anniversary

35th emblem

1988 Corvette 35th Anniversary RPO Z01
On top of all the basic improvements, the 35th Anniversary Special Edition package, designated RPO Z01, was offered beginning in late spring 1988.Out of the 22,789 ’88 C4s built, 2,050 of them were Z01 Anniversary editions, and those were all coupes. Although it is not as limited in production as GM originally planned for (in the range of 500 to 1,000), it accounts for less than 10 percent of production.
The 35th Anniversary model received a unique appearance package, which included a white exterior with a black roof bow. Incorporated into this was a “white-out” package-B57-called “External Ornamentation Deluxe,” and this deal consists of white door handles, white Corvette emblem on the tail, white body side moldings, white wheels and center caps with bright outlines and white flags on the center cap logo. The same albino cross flag treatment is found on the hood and fuel filler door. “35th Anniversary” badges above the left and right side fender grills identify the unique color scheme.
The same monochromatic white theme was carried into the plush interior by the B18 Interior Ornamentation Deluxe package. The Z01 package came with embroidered white leather seats that read “35th Anniversary.” The steering wheel has a white leather rim and center, and the center logo wears a white flag with argent outlines. There’s more, and it’s all white, including a white console lid, door trim panels and armrests, upper sill plates and seatbelts. The console bears a small ceramic “35th Anniversary” badge as well as a plaque showing the build sequence number. The fender 35th Anniversary emblems are made of real ceramic. All 1988 35th Anniversary Corvettes were fully loaded and were built with either the 4 plus 3 manual transmission, or the 4 speed automatic. Although the 4 plus 3 manual in these cars is rarer, the 4 speed automatic proved to be the better choice, as the manual transmission was plagued with a few issues, mainly with the overdrive unit.

My 35th Anniversary is equipped with the 4 speed automatic transmission and was wears the sequence badge number of 1984 out of the 2050 made. Enough with the boring stuff. As with many of my toys, the stock performance just didn’t cut it, the stock 5.7 ltr. 350 ci with a hp rating of 250 hp gave way to just over 600 rwhp and 620 ft. lbs with a new 6.3 ltr. 383 ci. No expense was spared in the engine build, as my goal was to build a bullet proof power house. The block consists of a balanced billet steel crank, special forged rods and custom forged JE pistons. The heads are Airflow Research 190’s that have been C&C machined. A custom billet camshaft designed to perform with the Paxton supercharger set @ 9 psi of boost, with it’s own contained oil cooler and pump. TPIS mini-ram which allows this 6.3 ltr. engine to pull hard at well over 6700 rpms. The transmission soon became the weak link as did the differential, so the 4 speed automatic was treated to a complete overhaul with an assortment of bullet proof internals. A special switch activated 9 clutch torque converter, transfers all of the power in 4th gear overdrive. The rear differential was swapped with a Dana 44 with 3.08 ratio. Originally the Dana came with 3.45 gears, but shifting into 3rd gear at 120 mph proved to be tricky as the rear tires would break loose. Not something you want to experience @120 mph, so I dropped the 3.45 ratio for the 3.08’s. For the exhaust there’s a pair of 1 3/4″ Hooker shorties connected to true duals, 3″ pipes all the way back to the mufflers. The exhaust note at idle is pure music. The wheels are white powder coated Dymags magnesium 17″ x 9.5″ with Goodyear GSC 275/40ZR17 fronts and Goodyear GSC 315/35ZR17 at back. Dymag magnesium wheels were used exclusively on Callaway twin turbo Corvettes as well as the Corvette Challenge cars. These wheels have sold on Ebay at over $4000.00 for a set. Their light weight gives these cars a major advantage in handling and overall performance. Quarter mile trap speed for this 35th Anniversary Corvette is just over 130 mph. Top speed is a little over 200 mph, verified by GPS.

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